Keeps you dry when wet

The products are 100% windproof, so no matter how hard the wind is, it will not chill your hands.

The products are totally waterproof with a water pillar of approxmiately 25.000 mm. Your hands or feet will remain dry even if stepping or putting the hands directly into water. The head will stay dry under the heaviest of rain.
The products breathable due to smart construction. The pores of the membrane is smaller than waterdrops preventing the drops from entering the inside the garment, while admitting vapour to exit.

Our Frog-Tex technology is applied to a variety of different products.

Frog-Tex Technology

The glove is composed of 3 layers, one inner layer with warming and moisture wicking properties, a middle membrane layer which lets vapor out but blocks wind and water from entering, and an outer layer as the shell which is protecting and warming.

The membrane is of the highest elastic quality made of TPU. The TPU membrane has properties that is highly waterproof yet at the same time breathes. It constructed with microscopic holes that are small enough to let vapor out but tiny enough to block water and wind from entering.

A special advanced bonding technique bonds all the layers together. Due to enhancing the membrane area the breathing level is enhanced.

"We got surprised by rain during our hiking days. The socks kept us dry at feet and we could keep up with our schedule. "

Fabian Leitner.


We are driven by the passion for the outdoor. We are driven by the passion for perfection. We are driven by passion for design. We are driven to make outdoor experiences more pleasant for people.  We decided to create products would incorporate all these drives.

Nature has the greatest wonders. When studying amphibians and especially frogs, we found that they handle moisture so much better than humans do. Frogs breathe through the skin underwater. The Frog-Tex is a result of top edge textile production and assembling replicating one of nature’s wonders.

No matter how harsh the conditions get, the Frog-Tex product will keep you dry and comfortable if used properly.